Sandlot Tournaments Laundry Service

Sandlot Tournaments is proud to announce a new service. We have partnered with The Dry Cleaning Shop to make traveling a little bit easier. We know that it only takes one game for the kids to get their uniforms dirty.
8262 Princeton-Glendale Rd.
West Chester, OH 45069

So, who is going to clean them when you are away from home? Team Mom’s? Is everyone on their own? Do they play with DIRTY UNIFORMS?

However you do it,  it is a huge hassle. Finding a Laundromat, or using a washer dryer in a public area in a hotel (if they have one). Bringing a small wheelbarrow full of quarters. Doing multiple loads. Running back and forth to the Laundromat to put the load from the washer to the dryer. And all the while everyone else is socializing or spending time with the kids.


The Drycleaning Shop will clean them for you. Here is the way it works.

  • Put your uniforms in the hotel’s laundry bag. Make sure your name and room number are with it.
  • Take the laundry bag to the front desk and tell them that they are uniforms for Sandlot Tournaments. The hotel desk will accumulate all the bags and put them into The Drycleaning Shop’s pick up container. It is important that the front desk knows this as they may have a different laundry service for the regular hotel guests and we do not want them to get mixed in with those.
  • The laundry will be picked up at the hotel at 10 pm so you must have your bag to the front desk by then.
  • It will be returned by 7 am the next morning.
  • Payment will be made directly to The Drycleaning Shop via credit card.
  • You must contact The Drycleaning Shop, 513-255-5847 and let them know you have an order and which hotel you are at, and make the payment.

Please note these terms:

  • All inquiries are to be made to the Drycleaning Shop at 513-255-5847.
  • There must be 4 teams participating on any given night for ALL the hotels combined. (It could be any combination such as 4 teams at one hotel or 1 team each at 4 hotels.) If the minimum is not met you will be notified.
  • Reservations must be made by 6 pm on the previous day.
  • A team is defined as 12 players uniforms.
  • Payment is made directly to the Dry Cleaning Shop.
  • Hotels that are very far to the east or west of Cincinnati may be excluded from this offer. Check with the Drycleaning Shop to confirm your hotel is not excluded.

Price List:

Baseball Jersey $4.00
Baseball Shirt $2.50
Baseball Pants $4.50
Sliding Shorts $2.00
Baseball Socks $2.00
Pick up and Delivery $2.50
Total per Uniform $17.50

Sandlot Tournaments hopes this service will make your trip a little bit easier. We appreciate your playing with us.

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