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Baseball Tournaments Done Right ©
We are proud to announce that we have again partnered with the Cincinnati Reds to offer discounted tickets. Click on any of the Reds logos on this site to learn more.

We are based in Cincinnati, Ohio and as an umpire organization these tournaments will be hosted and run by umpires. This is a unique approach, and one that will yield many benefits for the teams that participate. These include:

  • As umpires we have no hidden agenda. We use only the best college and High School certified umpires.
  • We offer 3, 4, and 5 game minimums.
  • We offer Premium tournaments without the Premium price.
  • Our tournaments are very well run with over 90% of the games starting on time.
  • Refunds for weather related cancellations will be by check (per our terms).
  • Our smart phone app will keep teams and fans updated.


But don’t just take our word for all the great things we do.  Here is a sample of what coaches have told us:

15U Coach – “Your tournaments are boring; the umpires are so good that I have nothing to complain about!”

12U Coach – “Sandlot tournaments are really well run.  Every game started on time and some even a little early.  And, there were plenty of new baseballs.”

18U Coach – “We loved the 3-man umpire crews.  My kids had never played with 3 umpires and it was just a great experience.”

And to sum up what many parents told us – “Your smart phone app is great.  We had all the tournament info right in our hands and the constant updates kept us informed all the time.  I wish more tournaments had something like this.”


Lastly, one of our goals is to provide more access to tournaments for low budget teams.  In 2015 we offered several FREE (no team entry fee) tournaments.  Many teams were not able to take advantage of this due to dates not being available or other conflicts.  Therefore, for 2016 we have reduced our prices, some by over 50%, in order to make the whole season more affordable and available to everyone.

What does Baseball Tournaments Done Right ©mean? Check out the comparison…
Tournament Features Sandlot Tournaments Other Tournaments
Entry Fees Often 10%-25% lower than other local tournaments. Charge high prices.
Baseballs 4 new balls for every game. 2 new balls per game.
Quality Fields
  • 16U and up – College level fields and the best HS Varsity level fields.
  • 14U – 15U – Some HS level fields and the best Sports Park fields.
  • 13U and below – Sports Park and Recreation center fields.
Often use whatever fields they can find. Many are not in good condition.
Umpires “Hand picked” umpires that are college and/or High School certified. We will only use the best. Higher levels get more experienced umpires.

  • 3 man crews for 15U and up for finals.
  • 2 man crews for finals for 10U – 12U.
  • 2 man  crews for all 13U – 18U games.
You get whoever is available. Sites may not be coordinated. Too many missed games or only 1 umpire available.
Daily Tournament Updates – Smart Phone App Available through the Sandlot Tournaments free smart phone app. Includes tournament information, scores, standings brackets, field locations, and more. Some use Twitter.
Refund Policy Proration depending on number of games played vs. the guaranteed minimum.  The refund will be by check. See terms. If refunds are given, they are often in the form of a credit toward the same tournament the next year.
Tie Game We will utilize a tiebreaker in ALL games (pool and bracket) to minimize the number of ties. If a tiebreaker is used, it is usually only in bracket play.
Hotel Arrangements Out of town teams are required to stay in one of the hotels for which we have provided a discounted rate.  We will make the reservations for you to help get you into a hotel near the fields of your choice. Most do the same, but often their rates are higher.
On-Time Scheduling Over 90% of games start on time so there is no waiting around. Many have schedules that have games starting later and later as the day wears on.
 Laundry service for team’s uniforms Traveling to a tournament adds complexity.  Doing laundry is a pain in the sliding shorts.  We have found a way to ease the burden by providing a laundry service to clean the kids uniforms. We don’t know of any other tournaments that have this type of service.